Rye Malt Flour

Rye malt reddish color is achieved by germination (moistened) and fermentation (treated at various temperatures with steam).
Our fermented rye malt has a pleasant sweet taste and is not roasted as many think. It is mainly used in bakeries to improve baking quality, also to strengthen the taste, aroma and color of the bread. It is also a rich dietary fiber source and it improves breads shelf life.

Dosage: up to 6% of flour quantity.

Usage: for best result, mix the malt with the flour and then add the 92-95˚C water.


  • Appearance : Brown color 
  • Texture: Meal 
  • Aroma and  Flavor: Pleasant rye bread aroma with a sweet taste and without burnt flavors. 
  • Ingreadiants: Rye and water
Chemical-physical data
  • Color (EBC): 150– 220
  • Moisture (%): 4,0 - 7,0
  • Dry extract(%): 49 – 60
  • Acidity Ph (10%): 3,8 - 4,4
Microbiological data (number/g)
  • Total count aerobic   <100 000
  • Yeast               <100
  • Mould              <100


  • 25 kg paper bags
  • 750 kg big bags


  • Max humidity 75%
  • Max temperature 30˚C